Dealing with Drift

Dealing with Drift

Dealing with Drift

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When fishing from a lightweight personal watercraft like a kayak or canoe, one of the biggest challenges can be dealing with drift.

There's nothing wrong with fishing calm waters, or anchoring, of course, but to do any serious fishing you will need to learn to keep your boat in place in high current areas like jetties and bridges. In addition to the physical energy required to maintain your position, constantly adjusting your angle takes away from the enjoyment of fishing!

Water currents, wind, and the drag of your line all conspire to move your boat in areas like this, making it difficult to maintain a stable position to cast from. And when you can't maintain your boat's position, casting accurately is next to impossible!

There are a million tips and tricks online to conquer drift, but they all have their disadvantages. When you are fishing with a rod & reel, you can't paddle while holding the rod- so you put the rod down to use your paddle- and risk missing a bite, or your line gets snagged. When you anchor, you can still get dragged around, to a lesser degree, and you lose the ability to quickly maneuver your vessel.

With a Fishing Paddle, you can deal with drift simply by using your paddle as you normally would- without interrupting your fishing! The paddle blade can be used in the water while you reel or troll, to offer stability or positioning for your kayak or canoe. 

Since the paddle/ rod combination never leaves your hands, you are always able to react swiftly to changing conditions, drift, or a sudden strike.

If you've tried kayak or canoe fishing in the past and found it complicated to juggle your rod & paddle, missed strikes due to paddling, or had trouble maintaining your boat's position the Shiflett Fishing Paddle is your simple solution.

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