Fishing Tips for Paddlers

Fishing Tips for Paddlers

Fishing Tips for Paddlers

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Learning to fish from a kayak, canoe or SUP is often an art form. But a Fishing Paddle makes the process a whole lot easier. You never have to juggle a paddle & a rod, so you'll be up and fishing in no time flat. So easy a kid can do it!

We've compiled a few suggestions to help you make the most of your Fishing Paddle. Please don't hesitate to submit your own in the comments!

One of the first things you may read as a beginner is that you should learn to cast one handed. Well, with a Fishing Paddle, a two handed cast is the preferred method!  

The second piece of advice that you'll get is "learn to paddle one handed" (sense a trend here?) but again, that's not necessary when you're using a Fishing Paddle! You maintain control over your boat the entire time, and your paddle never leaves your hands. 

Some anglers use the resistance of their lure to subtly steer their boats. This is good advice if you have to juggle a paddle & rod, but not necessary when your paddle is your rod- you maintain full control in every situation.

Let your boat be part of your drag system. Even a 4 or 5lb fish can pull your kayak or SUP around. Let the fish tire itself out while you maintain good positioning with your Fishing Paddle. 

Safety cannot be stressed enough. Wear and maintain a good PFD at all times, even in shallow water. Carry your phone in a dry bag, and have a flashlight and first aid kit on board too. You never know what could happen. A sudden medical emergency can land you in the water- and even shallow water is extremely dangerous for a medically compromised person.  Always fish with a buddy & let someone know where you’re going. 

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