Why an all in one Fishing Paddle?

Why an all in one Fishing Paddle?

Why an all in one Fishing Paddle?

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We sometimes get asked why an angler should buy a Shiflett Fishing Paddle instead of a separate kayak paddle and fishing pole. 

The Fishing Paddle may seem like a strange concept, if you haven't seen or used one. We get it. Most folks don't actually have that lightbulb "ah-ha" moment until the paddle is in their hands.

You're used to fishing with a pole, and paddling with a paddle, so you expect the Fishing Paddle to feel like an awkward, heavy, weird hybrid, right? 


The paddle is incredibly light. Almost featherweight. This is important because it reduces fatigue on long trips. Less fatigue means more accurate casting. It even floats! No more worries about lost fishing gear. And the padded anti-skid sleeve means you have a lot of area to hold the paddle for whatever style grip best suits your fishing style. We have lots of configurations to suit the needs of every angler. It's easy to handle, even for beginners.

And let's talk about beginners for a moment. Kayaking isn't "hard" but it does take some getting used to, right? There's a learning curve, just like with any sport. Handling one piece of equipment instead of two simplifies kayak fishing for the novice. Since your paddle never leaves your hands, there's no awkward shuffling to secure your rod if you suddenly need to maneuver your boat. You just...paddle. 

Speaking of paddling, let's address trolling with a Fishing Paddle. If you're paddling with a line in the water, the paddling motion creates an unusually lifelike trolling action that can't be replicated by simply pulling your line along. Trolling is where the Fishing Paddle shines.

Casting and retrieval with the Fishing Paddle feel very similar to a traditional rod & reel configuration. The mount is universal so any of your favorite reels can be used on your paddle. It's also versatile. You can use the Fishing Paddle in freshwater, whitewater, saltwater, even for surf fishing or casting from shore. It's not just a great fishing pole, it's a truly great paddle as well.

There's a reason the product is taking off- because once you see and hold it, you're "hooked". (Except don't do that). If you want more information, such as where to find a retailer, feel free to contact us, we'd love to hear from you!

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