A: You need to know paddler height and kayak width. The chart below shows recommended sizes by paddler height.

The weight varies by size, averages 1.8 lbs (with the included reel). The 1" diameter shaft is extruded aluminum & the blade material is plastic.
The Fishing Paddle has feathered blades (offset at an angle to each other). Feathering reduces wind resistance and wrist fatigue. As one blade strokes through the water, the other slices through the air. Typical feathered blade angles vary from 30° to 45°. Smaller angles are easier on the wrists; larger angles offer greater efficiency when paddling. Blades are feathered in such a way that one hand always maintains control of the paddle. This "control hand" rotates the shaft with each stroke so the blades enter the water at the most efficient angle. The Fishing Paddle has a take-apart shaft that let you change the feather angle & the control hand. The control hand is a matter of personal preference, and is not necessarily determined by whether you are right- or left-handed.

Blade Shape & Color

The Fishing Paddle has a asymmetrical dihedral shape

Asymmetrical designs are relatively narrow and tolerate a more horizontal stroke, which requires less energy on your part. The dihedral shape creates a built-in angle, similar to an airplane wing. This allows water to flow smoothly and evenly over both halves of the blade. Trolling is very easy with this type of shape. We have found that fish are indifferent to blade color. That’s a personal preference for you. Bright colored blades can be seen at a distance, whereas camo & black blades cannot.

Fishing Paddle is constructed to be durable & reliable in marine & fresh water environments. Reel seats are attached securely and eyelets have high break strength. See pictures & stress test animation.