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Coastal Angler Magazine review June 2017

Coastal Angler Reviewed Fishing Paddle in the June 2017 issue. Check it out at





Introducing the Pro-Predator Fishing Paddle from the Shiflett Fishing Paddle Co. Kayak fishing is the 4th fastest growing U.S. outdoor sport. Early testing shows high market interest in this innovative fishing & paddling product.

What it is: FishingPaddle (Patent Pending) is an innovative hybrid paddling & fishing technology that combines a paddle with a traditional fishing reel using a single paddle shaft.

What it does: FishingPaddle allows the user to paddle a watercraft while simultaneously using the paddle to cast or troll for fish. FishingPaddle can be used with a kayak, canoe or other watercraft. It incorporates a fishing reel to allow a user to paddle a water craft while trolling for fish. Or, use the shaft for fishing and netting fish independent of the paddling action.

Why it's different: Higher efficiency and safety in a marine environment is achieved by merging paddling and fishing functions into a single piece of gear, as opposed to two or more. Each piece of gear requires multitasking which impacts balance on the water, ease of use, maneuvering on the water and safety awareness. FishingPaddle combines the two functions of paddling & fishing in one platform, thus simplifying and making more efficient your time on the water. For a beginner, this makes kayak fishing easier; for an experienced fisherman, FishingPaddle adds to the number of rods & reels they carry on the water, and thus fishing hooks they can deploy.

What is it for: Multiplying excitement and activity options while paddling or onboard a watercraft. If you want to travel light, you can leave your traditional rod & reel at home and rely only on the Shiflett Fishing PaddleTM, but if you want to increase the number of rods & reels you use that day, bring the Shiflett Fishing PaddleTM along with your regular assortment.

Shiflett Fishing Paddle Co. is a Virginia Corporation. Kimmy Noblin is managing webpage, e-commerce development and digital marketing for FishingPaddle. U.S. Patent Holder Robbie Patterson, owner of Chester, VA based Propeller Dynamics (804-706- 1847), fabricated FishingPaddle prototypes for U.S. & international patent applications.

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Ron Shiflett Shiflett Fishing Paddle Co. LLC

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