An Innovative Paddle & Fishing Technology

When you're hitting the water for a day of kayak fishing, every single piece of gear really counts. Within the limited space of a personal watercraft, there's no room to spare for excess equipment.

This two-in-one, innovative technology streamlines the kayak fishing experience, with it's a user friendly, easy to master design.

The patented all in one Fishing Paddle increases onboard efficiency, safety, and convenience. It also reduces overall equipment costs - all issues important to new & seasoned anglers!


The Fishing Paddle


An Innovative Hybrid Paddle & Fishing Technology

This incredibly comfortable, double bladed paddle provides a flexible fight for all sizes of fish, as well as excellent casting & trolling capability.

Each paddle comes standard with a TS1000 reel. Or, upgrade to the TS4000 reel! The reel seat is universal, so you can use your favorite reel as well.



An Innovative Hybrid Paddle & Fishing Technology

The Pocahontas paddle is elegantly designed to feed the fishing line through 2 embedded eyelets in the paddle blade.

Each paddle comes with the TS1000 reel, or, choose to upgrade to the TS4000 reel. Of course, our patented reel seat will also accommodate your favorite reel as well.


ST 1000 REEL

Bearings: 12
Gear Ratio: 5.2:1
Weight: 291g
Line Capacity(mm-M,lbs/yds):
6#100m, 0.35/125, 0.40/100

ST 4000 REEL

Gear Ratio: 5.2:1
Weight: 225g
Line Capacity (mm-M,lbs/yds):
3#100m, 0.20/180 , 0.25/120

Both paddles available in 6 colors. All colors available in all sizes.

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