Pocahontas Transformer Kit

Pocahontas Transformer Kit


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The new Pocahontas Transformer Kit lets you turn any paddle- wood, fiberglass, aluminum or carbon fiber- into a Fishing Paddle!

With a few quick motions, the universal reel seat and line guide eyelet clamp onto your paddle shaft- creating a versatile, lightweight fishing rig out of your existing favorite reel and paddle!

Made of high quality, marine grade steel and rubber, the Pocahontas Transformer Kit was designed to be quickly, easily installed on any canoe, kayak or SUP paddle. Removal of the Transformer Kit is a breeze, too- so you can transform your paddle anytime, anywhere.

The patented design works with any reel and tackle. Our clamp on eyelet supports up to 90 lbs, so you can fish with confidence. 

Casting and trolling with the Pocahontas Transformer Kit is easy and effective. When your paddle never leaves your hands, you are safer and maintain full control of your boat at all times. Trolling with your paddle adds realistic motion to your lure retrieval, attracting more fish.

Best of all, when you add a portable, lightweight Transformer Kit to your gear, you'll always have a fishing rig on hand- anywhere, anytime! Makes a great gift for that angler in your life too!