Pro-Predator Transformer Kit


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Now you can retrofit your existing paddle for use as a Fishing Paddle!

We are excited to bring you the Pro-Predator Transformer Kit- turn any paddle into a Fishing Paddle with just a few quick twists.

Our patented Pro-Predator Transformer Kit allows you to attach a universal reel seat and rod extension to your favorite canoe, kayak or SUP paddle. 

At only 5 oz, the Transformer Kit won't weigh you down on longer paddling trips. The marine grade rubber lined clamps will not mark or damage your paddle material- be it carbon fiber, wood, aluminum, fiberglass or plastic. The Transformer Kit was designed to be easily removed and reattached over and over, in seconds. 

The universal reel seat means you can use any reel and tackle you may need- from light grubs and spinner baits to weighted, heavy tackle for larger prey. The rod extension can support up to 100 lbs, so you're sure to land your catch. 

With the lightweight, portable Transformer Kit on board, you'll never be without a fishing rig again!