Rental Business Start-Up Package

Rental Business Start-Up Package


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Package provides buyer with turnkey option to enter the kayak rental business - buy this product, work for yourself & grow your business.

  • 6 Stall Trailer
. 4 Yellowfin 100 Kayaks Sunset Color (complete with paddle)
    (#1 US Coast Guard offshore preferred color for visibility)
  • 2 Yellowfin 130T Kayaks Sunset Color (complete with 2 paddles)
  • 3 Red Navy SEAL Storage Bags

    Custom made marine grade bags for Jack’s Kayaks by the same
manufacturer who supplies the Navy SEALS their supply drop bags when on missions.
  • Personal Flotation Devices (Lifejackets) - 8 included for all users
  • 25 Foot Security Cable
  • Delivery to any lower 48 U.S. State location