Pro-Predator Transformer Kit


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PRO-Predator Transformer Kit



The Fishing Paddle Transformer Kit is aimed at the existing paddle market, where there are 2 million paddles in current use in the U.S. alone.  The kit provides a convenient, low cost retrofit option for paddlers' preferred aluminum, carbon fiber, fiberglass or wood paddle.  By transforming their paddle of choice into a Fishing Paddle in only a few minutes, the Transformer Kit expands the capability of their favorite paddle.

  • * Attachable reel seat & attachable interchange rod extension - MSRP $69.99
  • * Marine grade reel seats and rod attachment
  • * Exchangeable rod extensions can support 100 lbs of weight
  • * Fits any canoe, kayak or SUP paddle shaft
  • * Easy, fast installation and removal
  • * Works with any reel & tackle
  • * Troll with the reel and rod extension in place or remove the reel and rod extension at any time and continue to paddle


  • * Reel seat
  • * Cylinder mount
  • * 2 interchangeable rod extension for both coastal & fresh water
  • * Hex wrench
  • * Instruction guide
  • * Reel & paddle not include

Weight of Transformer Kit: If the paddler just has the cylinder & reel seat attached to their paddle to be on standby for fishing- 300 grams or 0.66 lbs.  With the rod attached- 321 grams or total 0.707 lbs. With a ultralight 8 ounce (227 gram) reel the entire rig [reel seat, rod cylinder, rod extension & reel] only adds 548 grams/ 1.20 lbs to your paddle weight. That's much lighter than a stand-alone rod & reel.

CLICK HERE to view the Pro-Predator Transformer Kit "Instruction Guide"